Why do we behave the way we do?

More importantly, what have others learnt about us and how do they use this knowledge to craft messages to catch your attention?

We see it all around us. Products are placed around us to persuade us to buy more. Organisations craft irresistible campaigns that entice you to participate in. Prices are numbered in a way where you perceive something to be cheaper than it really is.

All of this fascinates me and this blog explores different ways in which psychology underpins all kinds of marketing campaigns.

This page is also a means to showcase my photography. Photography to me is a way to document memories and capture special moments in life. As a medium, photography is one of those rare mediums which can freeze a moment, an emotion and bring people back to the time where the photograph was taken.

I hope to stretch my abilities to grow as a photographer and this page is there to share my journey with my camera and the world.

Currently a final year Psychology student at the University of Manchester, UK.


EMAIL: poh(dot)joshua91@gmail(dot)com
LENSES: SIGMA f2.8 17-70mm, CANON f1.8 50mm


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